Donald Trump Fires Back With A Secret Weapon Agains Comey’s “Secret Letter”

These most recent couple of days have been extremely intense on President Donald Trump. The media has been working extra minutes to attempt and turn a nothing into something and get him indicted.

Today, another update supposedly from James Comey’s supper with President Trump was spilled to the press by FBI operators. As per the reminder, Trump requested that previous Director Comey drop the examination concerning Michael Flynn and Russia.

In principle, this could be a “conclusive evidence” to denounce Trump on block of equity… If it were the Truth.

Donald Trump chosen to set the record straight by discharging his own official explanation:

“The President has the most extreme regard for our law authorization organizations and all examinations. This is not a honest or precise depiction of the discussion between the President and Mr. Comey.”

Believe it or not. Trump’s mystery weapon is the TRUTH.

Furthermore, to demonstrate their point considerably all the more, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe affirmed simply a week ago to Congress that, “There has been no push to hinder our examination to date.”

The miserable part here is that the New York Times, who created these assertions, conceded that they never really observed the notice that they were expounding on. They guaranteed it was “unclassified”, yet they still just got informal affirmation from an anonymous source.

On the off chance that these cases were valid, it would be a major ordeal. Notwithstanding, this is the United States of America where we trust you are pure until demonstrated liable past a sensible uncertainty.

With no hard confirmation, similar to this manually written update from James Comey for example, there is no case here.

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